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Pope Francis

Vatican: 3 Of Pope Francis’ Relatives Die In Car Crash

The Vatican says a road accident in Argentina has killed two young great-nephews of Pope Francis as well as their mother, the wife of the pope's nephew.


Ferguson Remains Volatile, National Guard Called In

As you browse the headlines, Ferguson is obviously still very volatile, and still very much an active, ongoing situation.

Today's cover of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch  cover says it all.

The Morning Media:Unrest in Ferguson and Iraq top stories

  It is Tuesday morning and these are your national and international headlines on the issues of the day. They were provided to Sports Talk Florida from our friends at Politico. “The night’s tense tally: 2 shot, 2 fires,

Westboro Baptist

Westboro Baptist Church May Protest Robin Williams’ Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for their hateful protests, may protest Robin Williams' funeral.

Julian Assange

Assange Wants Out Of The Ecuadorian Embassy

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says that after more than two years of being holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, he'll soon be leaving


Ferguson Curfew Plan Doesn’t Work Well

The first night of a state-imposed curfew in Ferguson, Missouri, ended with tear gas and seven arrests, after police dressed in riot gear used armored vehicles to disperse defiant protesters who refused to leave a St. Louis suburb where


US strikes in Iraq include land-based bombers

The latest round of US airstrikes in Iraq against the Islamic State extremist group includes the use of land-based bombers in the military campaign.


Kenya To Bar Travelers From Ebola-Hit Countries

The Kenyan government over the weekend said it will bar passengers traveling from three West African countries hit by the Ebola outbreak


Eldery Ex-Slaves In South Korea Seek Help From The Pope

South Korean ex-slaves hope a meeting Monday with Pope Francis will provide some solace for the pain of being forced into prostitution during World War II.

Can Hillary Clinton help President Obama out of his Middle East mess?

Can Hillary Clinton help President Obama out of his Middle East mess?

Washington – The Friday cover story in POLITICO offers a very interesting insight into how bad President’s Barack Obama foreign policy direction has been of late. Many democrats are angry and feel that it might take former Secretary of