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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Appears In Court For First Time Since 2013

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (joh-HAHR' tsahr-NEYE'-ehv) is back inside a courtroom for the first time since July 2013.


Capitol Hill Reacts To Cuba Policy Announcement

President Obama announced Wednesday that he’s instructed Secretary of State Kerry to immediately initiate discussions with Cuba on the

Team America

Texas Theater To Show “Team America” Movie Instead of “The Interview”

Sony announced Wednesday that they are cancelling the premiere of The Interview in an unfortunate attempt to put a halt to the threats towards

The Interview

“The Interview” Scrapped, Feds Blame North Korea

ABC News has learned the federal government has determined that North Korea is responsible for the Sony hack. This on the same day that The Interview


Pakistan Vows To Tackle Terrorism After School Masacre

A day after the cold-blooded massacre of more than 140 schoolchildren by Taliban militants at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan’s prime minister


Statement by the President on Cuba Policy Changes

THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba. In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an outdated approach that,


Colorado Teen To Get 10 Years For Killing Father

A 14-year-old Colorado boy will spend 10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to killing his father and trying to conceal the slaying for

Alan Gross Cuba

American Alan Gross Released From Cuba After 5 Years In Prison

A senior Obama administration official says Cuba has released American Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned for five years.


Pakistani Officials: All School Attackers Killed

As of this writing, the death toll in the horrific attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, stands at over 140. Pakistani officials say all of the attackers were killed.


Obama To Sign New Russia Sanctions Bill

President Obama decided Monday to move forward with signing legislation imposing further sanctions on Russia and authorizing additional aid to Ukraine, despite concerns that it will