A cease-fire between Israel and Hamas lasted less than two hours.

Gaza: Cease-fire quickly unraveled as fighting resumes

They say that peace does not last long in the Middle East and once again what looked like a cease-fire is over almost before it began at 8 am this morning.  So, about two hours into what was supposed


Family Releases Photos of Girl Attacked on Trail

The family of a girl who was severely beaten as she was walking on a trail in Texas released photos of her injuries


Woman on Flight Throws Prosthetic Leg At Cabin Crew

A plane had to be diverted to Gatwick Airport Wednesday night after a woman allegedly unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade and threw her

President obama

Interview: House Lawsuit Doesn’t Stop Obama’s Executive Orders

The House vote to sue President Obama for allegedly abusing his executive authority won’t dissuade him from keeping up his executive


Interview: Investigators Reach MH17 Crash Site

An international team of investigators has finally managed to reach the crash site of Malaysia Airline Flight 17 for the first time since it

Miami Courthouse

Interview: Court Takes New Look At Timothy McVeigh Bombing

It's been nearly 20 years since Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, a crime for which the Army

Cold Snap

Extreme Weather Events Don’t Kill As Much As Extreme Hot, Cold

A new government survey says only six percent of the Americans who suffer weather-related deaths every year are killed in storms, in floods or by lightning


Target Names Pepsi’s Cornell As Chairman and CEO

Target has hired Pepsi executive Brian Cornell as its new chairman and CEO as it looks to recover from a huge data


Interview: Melanoma Cases Going Up

America’s top doctor has declared skin cancer “a major public health problem that requires immediate action.” Surgeon General Boris Lushniak’s office


Interview: Marijuana Farm Found in Texas

A deer hunter has stumbled across a gigantic pot farm, complete with electric generators and an elaborate irrigation system, in southeast Texas