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bear cub

Bear Cub Walks Around Rite Aid Store

Some shoppers at an Oregon drug store were surprised by a bear cub scurrying down the aisles.


Pennsylvania Woman Says She Sold Pot To Help Raise Grandkids

A 65-year-old Pennsylvania woman has admitted selling hundreds of pounds of marijuana from her home but says she needed the money to raise


Police Investigating Multiple Shooting Scenes In Ottawa

Police in Ottawa say shots also were fired near a shopping mall close to Parliament


When It Comes To Their Children, Are Fathers Too Lazy?

FOX 13 News Fathers are doing whatever it takes to get their much needed last minutes of sleep. MyFoxTampaBay said a new study has revealed that over half of dads pretend to be asleep when their children are crying in


Police: Man Shot At War Memorial In Ottawa

Police say a man believed to be a member of the Canadian Forces has been shot at National War Memorial, and there are reports of gunfire inside the halls of Parliament.


FedEx Predicts Increase In Holiday Deliveries

The company forecast Wednesday that deliveries between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve will rise 8.8 percent over last year, to 290 million shipments


British Drones To Fly Missions Over Syria

British Reaper drones will be flying missions over Syria to gather intelligence on ISIS. That’s the word from British Defense Secretary

tropical depression

Tropical Depression Headed For Campeche In Mexico

A tropical depression is headed toward the Mexican state of Campeche and is likely to strengthen to a tropical storm.


MLB Wants To Cut Down On Game Length

The problem is these games are getting...just...too...long. So Major League Baseball is experimenting with ways to shorten the average baseball game.


Ebola Czar Klain Starts His New Role Today

All eyes are on Ron Klain, the U.S.’s public point-person on Ebola, as he takes the reins on the Ebola crisis on Wednesday.