Court: State Must Prove Drivers Knew They Were In Crash

Authorities must prove drivers knew they were in a crash before charging them with leaving the scene of an accident.


Democratic Candidate Will Drop Out Of Lawsuit Against Gov

One-time Democratic candidate George Sheldon is dropping out of a lawsuit that contends Florida Gov. Rick Scott is failing to report his actual wealth.


Debate Starts Over How To Use Billions For Florida Environment

After years of deep cuts to environmental programs, Florida voters last November overwhelmingly approved Amendment 1, which earmarked billions for conservation.


Gov. Rick Scott Unveils 2015-16 “Keep Florida Working” Budget

Governor Rick Scott today unveiled his 2015-2016 “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget which includes over $673 million in tax cuts for Florida families and businesses


Florida Governor Wants More Money To Help Charter Schools

Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants a significant boost in the money going to help fix and build new charter schools.


Jameis Winston’s Other Undefeated Record

Fisher on decision, "Relief"

Gas Prices

Will We See $1.99 Gas By The New Year?

Gas Prices Update Gas prices fell below $2 a gallon at various filling stations in Georgia and Tennessee last week, and prices in Florida are not far behind. The lowest prices in Florida are in the Jacksonville area at


Jeb Bush To ‘Actively Explore’ Run For President

Jeb Bush is taking his most definitive step yet toward running for president.