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Charlotte’s Web Marijuana May Be Available This Year

Florida officials are predicting that a strain of low-potency marijuana should finally be available for medical purposes later this year. Legislators in 2014 voted to legalize a strain of marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web to treat epilepsy and cancer


Hurricane Forecast Out Today And NOAA Aircraft Makeover

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is getting ready to announce its forecast for the Atlantic hurricane season. Administrator Kathryn Sullivan will join Joe Nimmich of the Federal Emergency Management Administration and New Orleans Mayor


$1.6 Million To Study Effectiveness Of Florida Virtual School

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) _ The U.S. Department of Education is funding a $1.6 million, three-year study of the effectiveness of virtual schooling in Florida, one place where online learning is fast growing. University of Michigan economics and education


Florida Hurricane Insurance Rising Despite Strong Relief Fund

Will Sen. Jeff Brandes please stand up?


FL Spends $1Million On Marvel’s Captain Citrus

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ The Florida Department of Citrus announced last week that the super hero used to market orange juice from the Sunshine State would be used in a series of web-based short videos. The animated version was


Gov Scott Back In Washington For Expansion Of Federal Funds

Just days after flying to Washington in hopes of convincing the Obama administration to extend federal hospital funds, Gov. Rick Scott is back in the nation’s capital slamming federal health officials for denying his request. The Obama administration wants

rick scott

Gov Scott Appoints Commission For Hospital Finance Review

Gov. Rick Scott has appointed nine members to a commission aimed at wading through the finances of hospitals that receive tax-payer funds. Only one health care professional, a reconstructive microsurgeon, was named in yesterday’s announcement. With a looming $1


Governor Scott Creates Commission On Healthcare Funding

In the middle of a fight between state lawmakers over health care dollars, Governor Rick Scott has created a Commission on Healthcare and Hospital funding. Scott has outlined 9 things he wants the yet to be named commission study.


Should Over-Serving at Florida Bars be Illegal?

Penalty needs to fit the crime


UCF Testing Bactericide Against Citrus Greening

A five-year, $4.6 million research program at the University of Central Florida is testing a possible bactericide against the deadly citrus greening disease that’s devastating the state’s citrus groves. The research centers around Zinkicide, a nanoparticle as small as