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ABC’s David Blaustein Recaps Summer Box Office

ABC Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein joined Your Wake Up Call to discuss the movies that did well and dint' do so hot


American Obsession with Destroying Disney Princesses

Does shock value equal attention to mission?


Movie Theater Shooter Curtis Reeves Jr Loving Life

Why isn't this man behind bars?

storm trooper

Storm Troopers May Get New Look In Star Wars Episode VII

Storm troopers and snow troopers may look different when we see Star Wars in theaters next.


What Movie Should You See This Weekend?

ABC Entertainmnet correspondent David Blaustein joined Your Wake Up Call to talk the movies that are currently in theaters


End of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Remembering Lauren Bacall

The last true Hollywood star

Westboro Baptist

A Look at Mental Illness, Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Neglect treatment and it may cost your life


YouTube Stars Replacing Movie Stars

Video killed the radio star. Internet killed the movie star


A Tribute to the Iconic Robin Williams

"The only person he couldn't make happy was Robin"

Robin Williams

Interview: ABC’s Matt Wolfe Talks Robin Williams Tragedy

ABC's entertainment contributor Matt Wolfe spoke to Your Wake Up Call about the death of Robin Williams and remembered him