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Future: Pre-Crime Intervention Coming to Miami

Where is my minority report?


ISIS Continues Successful Recruiting of Young Americans

Losing war on propaganda

star wars

Second Star Wars VII Trailer Released

The second Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer was released Thursday afternoon. Take look for yourself.


The Secret Gay Life of Rock Hudson

Rock's "one true love."

Game of Thrones returns to HBO Sunday night at 9 pm - Time to binge to catch up

Streaming Weekend – Catch Up On HBO “Game Of Thrones”

It seems like everyone in the world is amped up for the season five premiere of the monster HBO hit Game of Thrones this Sunday and it’s with good reason. The show has consistently delivered high class drama, shocking

Get caught up as Madmen starts its final run on AMC

Streaming Video – Madmen Tops The List

This is the weekend that Madmen returns for their final episodes before it ends forever and so it is time to head to Netflix for a binge. They have all seven seasons so should you need to catch up


David Blaustein Discusses Mad Men, Walking Dead & More

ABC Entertainment correspondent David Blaustein joined us to discuss movies coming out this weekend


HBO Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Record Ratings, Star Reaction

Did this surprise anyone?

IZombie is a run-a-way hit that you can checkout on Hulu Plus

Streaming Video – Everything From Music To Zombies

What a wild weekend for streaming video because there really is something for everyone online from music to zombies that you can watch through your Roku or other streaming player worthy of your time this weekend. You could also

Get Hard

David Blaustein Talks “Home” And “Get Hard”

ABC Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein joined us on Your Wake Up Call Friday morning to discuss Dreamworks' "Home" and "Get Hard"