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An American infected with the Ebola virus arriving at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta in an ambulance on Saturday,

Ebola Outbreak Could Infect 20,000, WHO Says

The World Health Organization says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa eventually could exceed 20,000 cases, more than 6 times


Husband: Ebola Virus Patient Resting

The husband of a second American aid worker released after being treated at an Atlanta hospital for the Ebola virus says she is resting and


Ebola Death Toll Climbs Amid “Encouraging Signs”

The death toll from Ebola's devastation in West Africa has topped 1,200, even as the World Health Organization said Tuesday it sees some


Mental Disabilities Are Up, Physical Disabilities Down

Disabilities among U.S. children have increased slightly, with a bigger rise in mental and developmental problems in those from


STD’s Rising in Florida, Hillsborough Hit Hard

The latest report from the Florida Department of Health is out and the numbers aren't encouraging.

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Interview: How Can We Prevent Suicide?

Manager of Suicide Prevention Services at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Tom Mueller joined Your Wake Up Call to discuss suicide and how you can prevent it.


Auburn University Researching Ebola Treatment

A team of researchers at Auburn University are working on a potential treatment for viruses like Ebola.


Interview: W.H.O. Weighs Emergency Decree on Ebola

Meanwhile, questions linger as to why just two American humanitarian volunteers were given an experimental drug while thousands of


Liberia, S. Leone Race To Enforce Ebola Quarantine

Authorities in Liberia are using troops as they step up efforts to enforce quarantines of communities infected by Ebola after the president


Second American With Ebola En Route To US

The second American aid worker recently diagnosed with Ebola in west Africa is en route to Atlanta