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Florida Lawmakers Ban E-Cig Minor Sales

They were first marketed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, but now electronic cigarettes

palcohol 2014

Everything you need to know about Palcohol

Powdered alcohol that may be smuggled into sports stadiums, snorted like cocaine or sprinkled over cornflakes has been approved for sale by the US government. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau — a branch of the Treasury


Emerging fitness trends spur growth for Tampa-based FitRev

There was a time, Doug Carter recalls, when developers of properties like apartment complexes and condominium communities would opt for the least inexpensive option for building a fitness center and stocking it with equipment. That has changed, Carter says,


Study Suggests Laziness Could Be Genetic

Could genes be to blame for a lack of motivation to hit the gym? A recent study conducted at the University


What Can No Sugar For A Year Do For You?

There are plenty of reasons for American families to put the brakes on sugar consumption

diet soda

Audio: New Study Claims Diet Soda Causes Heart Problems

AM 820 News anchor Robert Pankau spoke to ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg about a new study


Audio: CDC Finds Significant Increase In Autism

Am 820 News anchor Robert Pankau spoke to ABC News correspondent Jim Ryan about the


Audio: CDC Says 1 in 25 Hospital Patients Gets Sick

AM 820 News anchor Roger P. Schulman talked with ABC News Correspondent Scott Goldberg about


Study Ties Breast Gene To High-Risk Uterine Cancer

A study suggests that women with a faulty breast cancer gene might have a greater chance of


Alzheimer’s: More Likely In Women

Alzheimer's takes a disproportionate toll on women, according to a report released Wednesday from