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Business Opportunity: Health Merchant

Our sponsors, Health Merchant will be presenting a pre-launch opportunity for its national Health MerchantTM Program and we invite our readers to attend.   What is a Health Merchant?   It is a “turnkey” non-inventory-stocking distributorship right to sell organic

Patriots offensive tackle Nate Solder

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: Know the Warning Signs

NFL Tackle Nate Solder Is Hoping to Spread Awareness About Testicular Cancer   New England Patriots left tackle Nate Solder made a stunning revelation today when he told ESPN’s Mike Reiss that one year ago, at the age of


Major Advance Cited In Treating Stroke Patients

Stroke experts are reporting a major advance: stents similar to the ones used to open clogged heart arteries also can be used to clear a blood


Meningitis Reported At Manatee Elementary School

The Manatee County Health Department is alerting parents to a case of meningitis after a student at Manatee Elementary School was diagnosed.


Why Must Hard-Working Americans Bear the Burden of ObamaCare?

ObamaCare was supposed to provide affordable health insurance for Americans but instead, it's created a huge financial burden on many


Second-Hand Smoke Still a Concern in Some Demographics

Half as many American nonsmokers are exposed to secondhand smoke now as a decade ago, but researchers are concerned about exposure among minority groups


As Measles Outbreak Grows, Parents Urged to Get Children Vaccinated

As the number of reported measles cases surpasses 100, the American Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents to get their children vaccinated

alcohol poisoning

CDC: Six People Die Each Day of Alcohol Poisoning

On average, six people die each day as a result of alcohol poisoning. You’d probably think most are binge-drinking college students. Surprisingly, according to the CDC


The Flu Is Now An Epidemic, Says The CDC

So many people have died from the flu this year, the Centers for Disease Control said on Monday that we're now in an epidemic


Infectious Diseases: Is Your State Prepared?

A new study from researchers at the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provides a state-by-state