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Cheyenne Fox, an employee and daughter of the owner of a Denver marijuana store

Florida Faces Lawsuit Over Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Lottery

Money grab for green


Ocala Backs Down from NAACP and Reverses ‘Saggy Pants’ Law

That was quick


America Losing Propaganda War to Terrorists

Feds Fighting to Stop Americans from Joining ISIS


Baker: St. Petersburg has Momentum, Sky is the Limit

Don't drop the ball

Center For Disease Control

Obama To Visit CDC To Announce Ebola Plans

President Obama is planning to boost the efforts to combat the Ebola virus in Africa, which includes getting more of the U.S. military

governor Rick Scott

Is Rick Scott Closing In On An Election Victory?

There is a new sense of optimism, Republicans say, that current Governor Rick Scott might have an election victory within his grasp.


A 13 Year Reflection on September 11, 2001

Never forget


Florida Congressman David Jolly Plans for ISIS

A plan is now needed


Charlie Miranda: Growth Happening in Tampa

Tampa City Council Chairman Charlie Miranda discusses the growth of Tampa and areas of the city that they are currently targeting.


Clinton: Florida Dems Should Back Crist

Former president Bill Clinton had a message for Florida Democrats. They should back Charlie Crist. Clinton, at a rally supporting Crist, told the rally viewers that in a non-presidential year, Republicans vote better than Democrats and Clinton wants that