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Interview: Bob Martinez Talks Gubernatorial Race

Earlier today on Your Wake Up Call, we talked to former Florida governor Bob Martinez about the gubernatorial race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

RIck SCott

Florida Campaign Ads Mislead Voters

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call we talked to William March of the Tampa Tribune about how the Charlie Crist and Rick Scott campaign ads are misleading Florida voters. March wrote about it Monday in the Tribune.


Audi: Less Than 5 Years Away with Driverless Car Technology

A tango between human and computer


What is the Florida GOP hiding in King Ranch in Texas?

Closing doors in reporters faces


Audi Driverless Cars Being Tested in Tampa

"For boring stretches of your commute"


Man Too Fat to Go to Prison Wants Sentence Reduction

Poor morbidly obese drug dealing criminal


More Than 140K Ballots In Mail In Hillsborough

The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections delivered more than 140,000 Vote By Mail ballots to domestic voters today


Florida VA Clinic Forgets and Locks Veteran In for Hours

Called the police on himself

Florida Governor's race between Rick Scott (in the foreground) and Charlue Crist will be both nasty and expensive.

Quinnipiac Polls: “Voters Don’t Like These Guys”

Pick your poison