Study: Average American Vote Has ‘Zero Impact’ on US Policy

Bought and paid for


Emmy’s Review: Seth Meyers Incredibly Likable, Not Funny

Big award shows continue to lack entertainment

Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s Lawyers Go On Offensive

Attorneys for indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry were back in court on Monday to file a sixty-page motion to dismiss the charges against their client

President obama

Obama Readies To Address American Legion Convention

With American troops now engaged in significant new military strikes in Iraq, and considering actin in Syria, President Obama flies to

An ambulance arrives with Ebola victim Dr Kent Brantly, right, to Emory University hospital on Saturday.

Britain’s First Ebola Patient Being Treated In London

William Pooley, a 29-yar-old volunteer nurse, has returned to Britain and is in a special isolation unit at London’s Royal Free Hospital


Chinese Supersonic Submarine Imagine the Capabilities

"The United States and China are at war. Just not in tradition sense"


Outrage to the Bucs Interviewing Incognito is Outrageous

This is what people get mad over?


Immigration Reform Groups Founded by Billionaires Silent

Pick and choose your spots

Charlie Crist and Gov. Rick Scott continue to battle in the race for the Governors Mansion

Political Analyst Barry Edwards Breaks Down Florida

Can a democrat win the Governorship in Florida?

Michael Brown

Michael Brown To Be Laid To Rest Today

Michael Brown Jr. was on the verge of starting college, eager to launch himself into the adult world. Instead on Monday he'll be mourned at his funeral