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Florida Or Not: Man Stabs Store Clerk Over Cheetos

Friday morning Your Wake Up Call hosts Chris Markowski and Jenna Laine played Florida Or Not, in which Jenna asks Chris where stories happened...Florida or not?

Daniel Ruth

Daniel Ruth: Montreal Can’t Support Baseball, Rays

Tampa Bay Times columnist Daniel Ruth joined Your Wake Up Call to preview his show, which airs every Saturday from 10 a.m. - noon.


David Blaustein Talks Super Bowl Ads, Female Ghostbusters Remake

ABC Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein joined Your Wake Up Call Friday morning to discuss movies that will be premiering in theaters this weekend.


Which Cars Are The Safest, Have Zero Fatalities?

The Insurance Institute for Highway safety examined fatalities involving 2011 model year vehicles, looking at how many driver fatalities occurred in a particular

Super Bowl

What You Need To Know About Super Bowl Festivities

Of course you have the big game on Sunday, but the weekend of the game is known as one of the more significant party weekends in the country, with celebrity filled events


Balloonists Prepare To Land In The History Books

Before the end of the weekend, two balloonists who've flown across the Pacific Ocean are expected to touch down with a new world record under their belts.


Domestic Abuse Ads to Run During Super Bowl XLIX

Time and place


Study: Democracy is Dead, Oligarchy Reins

Government of the people, by the people, for the people?


Florida Education Commissioner: ‘Opt Out’ and Fail

Education starts at home

domestic violence ad Super Bowl

Should a Domestic Violence Ad Air During the Super Bowl?

This Sunday, for the first time, a Super Bowl ad will address domestic violence and sexual assault. Is the world ready for it?