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Trend: Halloween Decorations Offending American’s in Droves

The stepping on eggshell society


Max Brooks: I Stopped Watching AMC’s The Walking Dead

Max Brooks is serious about the Zombie Apocalypse

Boyd Bushman

Former Area 51 Scientist Says Aliens Are Real

Not only are UFO's real, but the aliens who piloted them here in the 1950's have now gone to work. For the government.


Pres. Obama To Talk Economy in Rhode Island

President Obama is in Rhode Island on Friday for the third time as president, set to address the economy in a speech at Rhode Island College on Friday.


Kansas, A State Politically Divided With Two Major Races

Kansas City is a city divided, much like the state of Kansas. Though it is the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, along with the state line

Samantha Powers

US Ambassador To UN Calls For More Action On Ebola Crisis

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, returning from a visit to West Africa, which has been struggling with the world's worst Ebola outbreak


The “Chevy Guy” was Set Up to Fail

Rikk Wilde has become a bit of an overnight sensation


People Risking Limb and Life to Snap the Perfect Selfie

Value of a life is no longer priceless


Dip in DIY Projects Tout End of Manly Men

Where have all the cowboys gone?


Poll: Charlie Crist More Appealing To Voters

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call, Leslie Dougher, Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, discussed the latest Quinnipiac poll released Thursday indicating that voters like