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FCC Mulls the Idea of Banning Redskins Name

"Inappropriate today"


Former UCF Football Coach Claims O’Leary is a Racist

If you can't trust a disgruntled former employee who can you trust?


Retiree Joseph Clancy Appointed to Director of Secret Service

Script fit for Hollywood


Loud Music Shooter Michael Dunn Convicted of 1st Degree Murder

Went right from a wedding to prison


The Pentagon’s Secret Space Drone Project

Two years in space and running


108 Walks In Tampa Scheduled To Raise Awareness For Diabetes

Over the course of the next few months, 108 walks are scheduled to take place, raising funds that are critical to change


No More Blackouts: FCC Scraps Sports Blackout Rule

The FCC voted unanimously to scrap the so-called “sports blackout” rule

secret service

Secret Service Director Pierson On Hot Seat

Secret Service director Julia Pierson is on the hot seat after a multitude of security breaches in Washington


British Air Force Strikes First ISIS Targets In Iraq

In the first attacks since the British Parliament on Friday approved military action against ISIS, two "precision strikes" were launched inside Iraq


Podcast: Updates From Dallas Regarding Ebola Case

ABC's Jim Ryan is on the ground in Dallas and has the latest details with the first case of Ebola in the US