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Dan Maduri

Dan Maduri Appears on Newsmax TV to Talk Ferguson Police Ethics

The protests happening in Ferguson have been a result of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. This situation has begged many questions about the police force and how they are handling things. Friday afternoon, Florida

Today's cover of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch  cover says it all.

The Morning Media:Unrest in Ferguson and Iraq top stories

  It is Tuesday morning and these are your national and international headlines on the issues of the day. They were provided to Sports Talk Florida from our friends at Politico. “The night’s tense tally: 2 shot, 2 fires,

Can Hillary Clinton help President Obama out of his Middle East mess?

Can Hillary Clinton help President Obama out of his Middle East mess?

Washington – The Friday cover story in POLITICO offers a very interesting insight into how bad President’s Barack Obama foreign policy direction has been of late. Many democrats are angry and feel that it might take former Secretary of

Protests in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting, ,

Media Protests Police Handling of the Michael Brown case

Nearly 50 media outlets both liberal and conservative the sent a letter to law enforcement authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, on Friday to protest the police’s treatment of reporters and ask for greater transparency regarding the death of Michael Brown,


Cutting the Cable cord can be easier with PlayOn

According to market research firm GfK.about, 19% of American TV households live without cable. It might surprise you, but life without cable is not bad at all. I have been doing it for over nine months and saw my

i24 News high tech state of the art studios in Tel Aviv, Israel.  .

i24 News “Must see TV,” for cable news fans

Washington, D.C. – A network is defined by how it handles the big story. CNN became a real worldwide force when anchor Bernard Shaw along with reporters, Peter Arnett and John Holliman described the bombing of Baghdad, Iraq, as


Gaza Conflict: Another Cease-Fire is broken this morning

Both i24 News via live blog  and Al Jazeera also via live blog are reporting that a Gaza City house has been shelled and other areas in Gaza have been fired upon since an Israeli-declared seven-hour humanitarian truce has come into effect. The Gaza Health


Crist needs strong minority support to beat Scott

Two months ago Charlie Crist, the Democratic candidate for governor of Florida was leading in all the key polls by as much as 15 points. Politics change almost minute by minute and in a new poll taken last week


Rubio: “We must move slowly on immigration.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, once the “Champion of Immigration,” told Fox News on Sunday the best chance Congress has of reaching a deal on immigration reform may be through solving long-term flaws in the system separately

California mudslides cause residents to flee to safer grounds

Mudslides hit Southern California

CNN is reporting  that torrential rain and rapid mudslides shut down a Southern California town Sunday, standing thousands of people and trapping 500 children and adults at a church camp. So far, there have been no reports of injuries