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Cheyenne Fox, an employee and daughter of the owner of a Denver marijuana store

Florida Faces Lawsuit Over Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Lottery

Money grab for green


Ocala Backs Down from NAACP and Reverses ‘Saggy Pants’ Law

That was quick


The Science that is “Curing” Death

People want to live forever. That now maybe possible


America Denies Warning that ISIS has Entered the Country

But heightens security at bases near border


America Losing Propaganda War to Terrorists

Feds Fighting to Stop Americans from Joining ISIS


One in Every Three Beers Could be Sold by Same Company

Anheuser-Busch InBev power play

American Flag

America Falls to 32 in International Tax Competitiveness Index

Unfriendly job creation atmosphere


Baker: St. Petersburg has Momentum, Sky is the Limit

Don't drop the ball


People Upset at U2 for the Free Album

Free is no longer for me

Dan Maduri

Mike Tyson Makes Vulgar Comeback in Interview

When Mike Tyson disagrees with you, you better believe he will make it known. That’s exactly what happened when Tyson was being interviewed and didn’t like what was being asked. Florida Live host Dan Maduri talks about the greatness