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Waterspout Moves Onshore Bounce House Flys With Kids Inside

MIAMI (AP) _ Authorities say three children have been injured after a waterspout made landfall on a Fort Lauderdale beach and sent an inflatable bounce house flying into the air. Police say two of the three children have been


Girl Dragged By School Bus With Backpack Stuck In Door [VIDEO]

A seven year old girl in Louisville who was dragged more than 100 feet by a school bus has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. The amazing surveillance video shows the girl’s backpack stuck

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St. Pete Officer Runs Over Man

A St. Petersburg police officer accidentally ran over a man in the middle of the road.


Car Rams Officer, Crashed Into House, Police Say

A suspect driving a car that police believe to have been stolen injured an unmarked officer Tuesday morning, police say.


FL Spends $1Million On Marvel’s Captain Citrus

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ The Florida Department of Citrus announced last week that the super hero used to market orange juice from the Sunshine State would be used in a series of web-based short videos. The animated version was

man smashes wrong car with bat

Florida Man Smashes Wrong Car With Bat

MANATEE — Sometimes stupid begets stupid and this was the case in Bradenton as a man smashes the wrong car with a bat. According to the Bradenton Herald, Ryan T. Smith, 22, was arrested after taking out a baseball bat and


Hearse Drivers Stopped For Donuts When Transporting Veteran

GAINESVILLE, Fla.(AP) _  Two Florida hearse drivers have been fired after they stopped at a doughnut shop with a flag-draped coffin in the vehicle on the way to a funeral and an outraged man sent a video to a


Pentagon Employees Use Credit Cards For Illicit Fun

Hundreds of Pentagon employees are finding themselves in trouble over where and how they used their government issued credit cards. A government audit found that hundreds of employees cards were being used for strip clubs and gambling casinos from


South Florida Man Sues After Amputated Leg Found In Trash

A Key Largo man is suing a hospital after his amputated leg was found in the trash.


Turtle Gets Prosthetic Wheels After Legs Eaten By Rat [VIDEO]

Mrs. T the 90-year-old Welsh tortoise, lost her 2 front legs after a rat gnawed them off. Luckily owner Dale Sinclair-Jones made the most of a bad situation. He fitted Mrs. T with a harness and glued the wheels