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Arkansas Woman Gets Deer Tongue Removed

A woman from Little Rock, Arkansas had to have a deer tounge removed


Tampa Man Wounded By Random Bullet

A man who was randomly shot drove himself to the hospital Thursday morning.

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Man Shoots Brother After A Tractor Argument

A man from Sumter County shot his brother in the head on Tuesday after an argument broke out over a tractor. According to WFTS, Kenneth Caines, the brother who was shot, drove himself from the crime scene to meet deputies


Teens Suspended for Controversial Homecoming Photo

Students from Massachusetts may want to rethink about how they snap their memorable moments before their homecoming dance.

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Beheaded Body Found In New York Roadway

Police in Farmingdale, New York are putting the pieces together Tuesday night after finding a beheaded woman lying in the road on Secatogue Ave.


Horse Pulled From Pool In Suburban Phoenix Home

A horse in suburban Phoenix needed rescuing after it led itself to water and did more than just drink.

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2 Men Shot; Woman Escapes By Jumping Out Window

Two people were shot during a home invasion in Orange County early Friday morning while a woman managed to escape the invaders by jumping out the rear window of the home. According to WFTV, investigators say two gunmen entered

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Father Recognizes His Own Abondoned Baby On Social Media

FOX 13 News Child Protective Services released a photo on Wednesday of an abandoned baby in Houston. It didn’t take long for the father, Glen Williams, to realize that the picture CPS (Child Protective Services) released was in fact


Woman Who Stabbed Pencils in Eyes Sues Over Photo

A woman who stabbed pencils in her eyes during a suicide attempt is suing Los Angeles County, claiming her photo was snapped at a hospital and went viral online.


Woman Arrested For Setting Boyfriend On Fire

Clearwater Police have charged a woman with aggravated battery after she set her boyfriend on fire early this morning.