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Father Recognizes His Own Abondoned Baby On Social Media

FOX 13 News Child Protective Services released a photo on Wednesday of an abandoned baby in Houston. It didn’t take long for the father, Glen Williams, to realize that the picture CPS (Child Protective Services) released was in fact


Woman Who Stabbed Pencils in Eyes Sues Over Photo

A woman who stabbed pencils in her eyes during a suicide attempt is suing Los Angeles County, claiming her photo was snapped at a hospital and went viral online.


Woman Arrested For Setting Boyfriend On Fire

Clearwater Police have charged a woman with aggravated battery after she set her boyfriend on fire early this morning.


Woman Raped, Set on Fire for Rap: Why You Didn’t Know About This

Georgia Men Attack Woman After Losing Rap Battle   On New Year’s Day, police¬†investigated after finding a bloodied, bruised and burned woman in a vacant lot in Atlanta, GA. At the time, the only information given was by WTVM


Georgia Man Dies In Police Custody During Breath Test

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is probing the death of a 60-year-old man who died in police custody in northeast Georgia.


Man Arrested For Stealing Toilet Parts From Restaurants

This week St. Petersburg Police officers charged Brian Rinda, 28, with stealing the flushing handles and pipes from toilets in numerous park and restaurant restrooms.


Man Found Dead At St. Pete Chiropractor’s Office

A man has been found shot in the chiropractor's office at 2150 29th Street North in St. Petersburg Thursday morning.

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Man Arrested After Pleasuing Himself In Walmart

A Florida teen took a stuffed animal off a Walmart shelf, went to the bedding department of the store and proceeded to pleasure himself

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Police Pepper-Spray Teen in Own Home, Thought He Was A Burglar

Police mistakenly identified a black teenager for a burglar and pepper-sprayed him in his own home Monday afternoon. 18-year-old DeShawn Currie was coming home from school and entered his home in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. As he was walking into

House on Fire

Man Accused of Setting His Father On Fire

A 71-year-old man was sent to the hospital Tuesday morning after a house fire broke out in Orange County. According to deputies, the victim’s mattress and pillow had been set on fire by his son, identified as Santiago Torres