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At The Moment 47 Democrats To Boycott Netanyahu’s Speech

According to The Hill, as of right now 47 Democrats including Vice President Joe Biden will not be attending, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah speech to a joint session of Congress set for 10:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. Netanyahu is

Rand Paul CPAC

CPAC Poll Shows Conservatives Shifting Toward Libertarianism

The straw poll numbers from CPAC, where Rand Paul won for the third-straight year, suggest the attitudes and direction of conservatives have shifted

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio shares his goals with key GOP conservatives last night in Palm Beach

Sen. Rubio’s Grand Plans Revealed

Last night in Palm Beach at meeting of some top conservative donors in the country Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, wanted prove that he was far more acceptable GOP presidential candidate than former Gov. Jeb Bush. Rubio was clear that

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will return to the Hill to trestify sometime in 2015

Clinton Willing To Testify And Defend Her Role On Benghazi

Maryland (Rep. D) Elijah Cummings said that Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreed to testify to the House’s select committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi. There has been no dates agreed upon as of yet but

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush holds his group yesterday at the annual CPAC meeting outside Washington, DC

Jeb Bush Passes CPAC Test

National Harbor, MD – Let’s make one thing clear from the start, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will never be conservative enough for the majority of those attending the annual Conservative Political Action Conference meeting this week just outside

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama  will not talk next week when the PM is in Washington

Netanyahu And Dem’s At Odds Over “The Speech.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might be popular with Congressional republican’s but his standing with the democrats is at best on very shaky ground. It began when Speaker of the House John Boehner, (R-OH) invited him to speak to


Netanyahu The GOP 2016 Front runner?

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ever decides to try his hand at politics in the United States he might just find that he could be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. A  new Public Policy Polling national survey has

Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker is now the early leader for the 2016 GOP nomination

Walker leads Bush But It Could Be Short-lived

Well former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has been ahead in most of the early polls of those seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. But he has been passed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who now takes his turn a

Hillary Clinton will be speaking to a powerful group of women executives today in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Clinton’s Big Silicon Valley Speech

Today former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is staking an early claim to voters who could be key to her 2016 presidential ambition: upwardly mobile professional women who have been called by the media “Lean In” voters. Clinton

President Obama talks about possible Homeland Security shutdown and Medicaid Expansion issues

Prez and Gov’s Talk Homeland Security And Medicaid Funding

Washington – Monday President  Barack  Obama spoke to states governors about the looming shutdown of Homeland Security by Congress and projected Medicaid funding losses. The President warned state governors that the  Homeland Security shutdown could have a direct impact on