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Democratic Candidates Appreciate Obama’s Fund-Raising

President Obama found himself in NYC and Greenwich, CT on Tuesday, for two huge fundraisers to help pay for that crash of

Ben Carson

Ben Carson ‘Likely’ To Run For President In 2016

Former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and noted conservative activist, Ben Carson, will likely run for president in 2016.


Rubio: “We must move slowly on immigration.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, once the “Champion of Immigration,” told Fox News on Sunday the best chance Congress has of reaching a deal on immigration reform may be through solving long-term flaws in the system separately

Ted Cruz is looking to get a start on 2016 in Iowa this weekend

Ted Cruz rolls into Iowa with an eye on 2016

According to The Hill – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz arrives in Iowa this weekend riding a wave of political momentum after clashing with GOP leaders in Washington over immigration legislation. Cruz, a Republican, is emerging as a favorite of


GOP Looks to Become the Democrats of 1992 to Win White House

White House is up for grabs

Democrats Rep Hilary Clinton

Democrats Enthusiastic About Hilary Clinton As Nominee?

Most Democrats say they'd support Hillary Clinton, but a new national survey indicates only a minority are excited about that prospect.


Hillary Clinton’s Decision On 2016 Could Come Next Year

Hillary Clinton’s decision on seeking the White House again could stretch into 2015.


Sen. Marco Rubio Is Ready To Be President

When asked if he’s ready to be president, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida answered without hesitation.


What Can We Expect From Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign?

Hilary's 2008 campaign was a nightmare, will 2016 be as bad?

Rahm Emanuel Changing His Image For 2016 Eection

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is being showcased in CNN’s gritty new weekly documentary series “Chicagoland,” which is produced by Robert Redford and began Sunday. “I have a high regard for Rahm Emanuel. It is not an easy job. To