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Citrus County SunTrust Bank Robbed, Suspect Fled


According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded at 9:30 AM this morning to the SunTrust Bank in Beverly Hills reference a bank robbery.

Officials say a Hispanic male approached the teller, displayed a weapon and demanded money. He left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash and fled on foot behind the Winn Dixie at Park Plaza. The Sheriff’s Office is on scene with K-9 units on the ground and the aviation unit in the air. A perimeter has been secured.

Residents should be on the lookout for a Hispanic male wearing a long sleeve plaid blue and yellow button up shirt, beige baseball hat with a white polo emblem, jeans and carrying a blue North Carolina Tarheels bag. The suspect is armed with a gun. Call 911 immediately if you see this suspect.

Do NOT approach.

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ted says:

bank robber in citrus county has been caught in another county

jason says:

Your right! Today cameras are everywhere, DNA proves its you, cell phones pin point your location, helicopters see you with heat sensing

Janie M says:

Dumb!!!! Times are difficult in not being able to find work, especially in this area, but stealing money from a bank, a store or a person, heaven-for-bid, is a sure way to get a long visit to the jail cell. No freedom there, dummie!!!!