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The “Chevy Guy” was Set Up to Fail

Rikk Wilde has become a bit of an overnight sensation


People Risking Limb and Life to Snap the Perfect Selfie

Value of a life is no longer priceless


Dip in DIY Projects Tout End of Manly Men

Where have all the cowboys gone?


Florida Gubernatorial Race: Too Close to Call

Attack ads no longer effective

Voting booth

Early Voting Surges in Florida for Governors Race

Too close to call


GOP Capitalizing on Shifting Political Climate

GOP sitting pretty one week out


Bio-Recovery Corp: I’d Feel More Safe with Secured Borders

Chief Safety Officer speaks about Ebola clean up

The Tampa Bay area and the state of Florida continue to out grow other states.

Tampa’s Administrator of Economic Opportunity discusses Future

Business is a booming


Child Permitted to Carry Dagger to School to Enact Social Justice

What could go wrong?