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Wolf of Wall Street Film Put Targets on the Backs of Belfort, Porush

Result of mocking law enforcement


Lobel: DeflateGate Not A Big Deal

Blown out of proportion


Conservative Immigration Reform Being Pitched

Can politicians come together for good policy?


Terrorist Sleeper Cells Alive and Well in America

Keeping officials in Washington awake


Pats Won’t Face Discipline For Defaltegate

Deflategate is the topic of NFL football as of late. People are analyzing it, every time you turn around there's a new development or article. People are being it to death.

road rage

Police Have Radar That See Through Home Walls

Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission

Rick Scott

FDLE Commissioner Ousting Steep in Controversy

Scott embattled fresh off his re-election


Florida Lawmakers Discuss Allowing Students to Carry Guns

A big ploy to sell guns


Dan Rather: News Media Too Busy Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Dan Rather reflects on career and news media