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Video: Small Businesses Creating More Net Jobs Than Large

Host of Your Wake Up Call Chris Markowski talks about the fact that in the past 30 years, small businesses are


Video: Citizenship Tests Should Be Required For Immigrants

Chris Markowski, host of Your Wake Up Call, shares his opinions on immigration. He encourages immigrants


Video: What’s Really Going On In Iraq?

Your Wake Up Call host Chris Markowski talks about how he thinks ISIS is taking over Iraq as a stance

News Talk Florida

Show Prep For June 6th

Obama channels his inner Eminem…No Apologies! Bergdahl looking more and more like Brody from Homeland Taliban Inspired! Want to Kidnap More. Humanitarian crisis in Texas??? …and the administration wants more! ECB goes with negative interest rates! Tune in bright


Video: Markowski On Normandy D-Day Ceremony

"Your Wake Up Call" Host Chris Markowski recaps what will happen tomorrow in Normandy as


Video: Chris Markowski Talks Taliban Trade

Chris Markowski talks about the 5-for-1 trade with the Taliban

Jobs Report

Jobs Report: Lack of Small Business

Jobs Report – The first Friday of the month is “Jobs Friday.” The day we all wait to see how our economy is doing or not doing when it comes to jobs. I have often criticized the report and

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt, Who’s To Blame?

A recent article ran in various publications around the country alerting readers to the fact that the average credit card interest rate is up to a “shocking 21%.” The article points out, “Credit card companies which attract new customers