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Another Tampa SunTrust Bank Robbed

robbery suspectAccording to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, deputies are currently investigating a bank robbery at the Suntrust Bank located at 5310 Bruce B Downs Blvd.

The initial call came in at 10:36 am. Deputies say a white male wearing a tan baseball cap entered the bank demanding money.

He fled on foot and deputies are currently looking for the suspect in the area.

This is the second SunTrust bank robbed in the Bay area today.

robbery suspect 2

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James Bro says:

Expect more of the same in this The Post Constitutional America, President Obama’s America.

Obama and the democrats have successfully made over 6 million Americans fall below the poverty level, added a record 11,000 people per day to SNAP to grow food stamp dependence by 50%, increased black unemployment to 13% and hispanic unemployment to 9%, caused the average family income to drop $4,000, killed the 40 hour work week and now have a record 11 million people on disability payments.

Democrats win by destroying the middle class and creating more misery and dependence on wasteful and inefficient government programs. Way to go Obama!