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PETA to Nude Protest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Brilliant marketing move


Ferguson Result of Communication Break Down, Lack of Trust

"A riot is the language of the unheard." Martin Luther King Jr


St. Pete Woman Shoots Neighbor’s Dogs For Attacking Mother

A St. Petersburg woman has shot her neighbor's pit bulls for attacking her mother.


Police: Sarasota High School Student Led Prostitution Ring

Authorities in Florida say a 17-year-old Sarasota High School student organized a prostitution ring of students from nearby high schools.

amber alert

Amber Alert: 15-Year-Old Boy Missing In Lake Worth

An amber alert has been issued for Matthew Dean

Pinellas Park

Accidental Shooting Leaves 1 Dead In Pinellas Park

A shooting in Pinellas Park has left one person dead Tuesday morning.

Chuck Hagel

Babbin: Chuck Hagel Has No Legacy at Pentagon



The WestShore District Continues Tremendous Growth

In demand


Is Uber Unraveling From Within?

Growing too fast to monitor

Davis Islands

Small Plane Crashes On Davis Islands

A small plane made an emergency landing Monday morning on Davis Islands.