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40,000 new laws take effect in 2014


Across the country, however, state lawmakers were busy getting more than 40,000 bills passed, ones that tackle everything from drones to food stamp benefits.

In Illinois for example, teenagers will no longer get to use tanning beds without a doctor’s note. If you live in Delaware, visit the shark fin buffet while you can, a new law will make it illegal to own, sale, or distribute the controversial delicacy. And in California, new laws take effect that will let students take part in school sports, or use bathrooms based on their gender identity, regardless of the gender noted in their birth certificates.

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Ralph Colon says:

Florida: (1) Husbands leaving their wives and children for Health Insurance

(2) Four New Laws In Florida – Not One To Service Our Children

And Families for a better future in Florida, not even Medicaid

Reform in anyway hoping that we all perish.

(3) Rick Scott the worst Governor Florida ever had besides the ones

we have experienced already in endless times.

Please excuse my directness but someone has to speak up for the sufferings of our American people in Florida, and if you think being American is being republican or conservatives – “Forget about it! What world do you come from? Democrats of Florida Speak-Up! Freedom of Speech they can not take away from you. 19.5 million people living in Florida. Almost two thirds of this population is living under the Federal Poverty Level, working hard but not making enough to live a normal life. This is what Florida is doing to our people children and families. Florida is destroying families, forcing the husband to leave their families, in order for Medicaid to step in and help the mother and children with Medicaid Help. In the twenty-two years, I am living in Florida it has been quite a challenge. The tea party movement is a replica of the KKK in this state. What does one do to save their families from medical hardships and proper services denied for the families in need? Florida has grown from a retired state to an active state with children and families only problem the services for these families are cut to a minimal level of confinement in order for the leaders of this state to keep control of their profits. They always cut the services from our children’s budget and their education, but never do they cut their own. I have never seen a state forcing fathers to leave their children to secure their families health insurance because this state with a republican governor who thinks he’s going to heaven, do not believe in Medicaid Reform to help these children and families in need. In order for you who worked all your life, to get Medicaid Help for you and your family in Florida your income cannot be over $250.00 a month. That means if you earn say, $2,000.00 a month for a family of four – “you do not qualify for Medicaid Help in Florida, yet all the other states – you would be qualified for help. We know that the republicans, the conservatives, and the democrats are all full of shit in this country. You have bad apples on both sides; however, we have to choose the party that cares more for its people than the party who could not give a shit for the less fortunate ones. So, who is it that shows the passion of care to our people in need and for our children? Let us face it – it is not the republicans or conservatives. God is neither! However, God see’s hope for its people through the Democratic Party, and it is our responsibility to care for one another and to support the Party that cares for Gods children who is always suffering. Children & parents are dying one day at a time over this requested help for Medicaid Reform. Florida Democrats – You must come out in groves to vote in 2014. We must fight back with the power of Elections. You must never vote into office any republican or conservative as your Governor. The Bible is crystal clear on -Republicans and Conservatives the religious leaders two thousand years ago who killed the son of God “Jesus.” These two groups of people the Conservatives and the Republicans have been at war with God for thousands of years, and yet we hear them pray to our God in Congress on national television – ’How Sick Is That?” These are the people that believe only in “Power and Control,” It is our laziness that prevent us from voting Gods people into office. This New Year 2014 for Florida – The message is clear – Do Not Vote for Charlie Crist as our Governor unless he is for Medicaid Reform for our families in need. O’bama care cannot help the families caught in-between a salary and the Affordable Health Care Act that can help our people with Medicaid Reform in Florida. All of a sudden, Charlie Crist is Democrat to run for Governor in Florida. Can you see what is going on with Charlie Crist? He thinks everyone is blind. Does the word double agent mean anything here? Does the word ‘Slick” means anything here? Charlie Crist will never give up his republican conservative way of thinking. We are the majority here in Florida, now is time to show it. Vote in 2014 to win The House of Representative, and vote for a governor that will make Medicaid Reform a law in Florida just like all the other states. Remember the Bible is crystal clear about the Republicans and Conservatives. Be vigilant, be strong and God Bless You All, and God Bless our President O‘bama and his family. Lets Vote in 2014. God Will Win.